is simple service for monitoring and managing your mining rigs under windows XP/7/8/10. It’s allow you to control any amount of mining machines with ease. For example, you can change mining config from ETH to ZEC miner on, let’s say, 100 rigs in 1 second and apply changes. All selected rigs will download new configs and restart miner with needed command line! Also you can monitor total speed, speed by GPU, temperature by GPU and fans by GPU. All data refresh in real time and display with nice charts and tables. Also we have a telegram bot, which notify you when some rig go offline or GPU temperature is too high. We support popular mining software like Claymore’s, EWBF, Ccminer etc. The service was made for our needs and it is absolutely free for now. Enjoy.

If you have any question about our service, you can write HERE

The conception:
  • 1. You need to upload all your mining software to the same places on all your rigs! Also you need to upload our miner watcher windows software.
  • 2. You create a config file with a local path of your mining software (this path should be the same on all your rigs) and command line.
  • 3. You add new rig with selected config on our site and get unique TOKEN. You have ability to add a lot of rigs at the same time with our service.
  • 4. You should save every token in the config.txt file in the miner watcher folder on every rig. Every riig must have unique token from our site.
  • 5. Run miner watcher software (add it to autorun if you want) and that’s it. Go to minerwatcher.com user area. Every mining machine is under your full control now.