Quick Start

Download Miner Watcher
Download Miner Watcher (with miners) password: minerwatcher

  1. Go to "Sign Up"
  2. Go to "My configs"
  3. Create new personalized rig configuration by clicking "New config" button
    1. Name - Config name. Example: Claymore_eth_dcr
    2. Miner name - Select supported miner
    3. Currency 1 - Select main currency
    4. Currency 2 - Select additional currency for dual mining (only for claymore dual miner)
    5. Miner path - Local path to your miner exe (on your miner rig). Warning: you should use miner from Miner name field. Example: C:\mwatcher\miners\EthDcrMiner64.exe (for Claymore dual miner).
    6. Miner command line - Command line for “Miner name”. Example: -epool eth-eu1.nanopool.org:9999 -ewal 0xe32e31452345253159223233/$rigName/$rigEmail -epsw x (for Claymore dual miner). You should use $rigName and $rigEmail for substitution corresponding values.
    7. Click update button
  4. Create a new rig on My rigs page
    1. Name - It is worker name at your mining pool. Correspond with $rigName macros in a config file.
    2. Email - It is worker email at your mining pool. Correspond with $rigEmail macros in a config file.
    3. Config file - The file with your miner path and command line.
    4. Comment - It’s just a rig label.
    5. From number, To number - values for $rigNum local macros. For multiple rigs creation at once. Example - Name: rig_$rigNum, From number: 3, To number: 5. The result will be 3 new rigs named rig_3, rig_4 and rig_5. That’s it.
    6. Click Create button
  5. You have to copy the token from your new rig. It looks like 0c837fd0c85ed72be27b88a3e29383a9.
  6. Download the client and unpack it
  7. Open the config.txt in the mwatcher software folder and copy your rig token key there. Save the file.
  8. Start the client
  9. You need wait few minutes to refresh your stats at the minerwatcher site